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3 kW ultrasonic generator


Efficient and stable processes that guarantee consistent results are a key prerequisite for profitability and competitiveness in the fields of industrial component cleaning and electroplating. These are requirements that the 3 kW SONOPOWER 3S ultrasonic generator fulfils with ease.

The innovative plug-and-play device is fully digital and impresses not only through its maximum process stability and power output, but also its exemplary ease-of-use.

For example, the intelligent control system of the Weber SONOSCAN independently determines the optimum operating frequency and continuously adapts it to altered process parameters such as temperature or transducer changes. The SONOPOWER 3S also detects the mains voltage automatically. The generator reacts independently to mains fluctuations, thereby ensuring that cleaning results are never compromised.

The powerhouse is now also available as a multifrequency solution!

With the two frequencies of 25 and 50 kHz, the innovative 3 kW ultrasonic generator covers a broad range of applications in industrial component cleaning and is therefore particularly adaptable and flexible. With its power output of 3,000 watt and the frequencies of 25 and 50 kHz, the new, fully digital multifrequency generator is the ideal solution. It enables the setup of space-saving and flexible cleaning systems – both as single-chamber and multi-chamber immersion systems.



Innovative multifrequency
ultrasonic concept

- Innovative multifrequency ultrasonic concept

- The "ORIGINAL": – the SONOPUSH MONO HD rod transducer

- Deburring with ultrasound



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