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The challenges which businesses face today are changing at a rapid pace. Ever stricter demands are being made in terms of cleanliness, and the miniaturisation of components is increasing. Component cleanliness has become a criterion for quality. Ultrasonic cleaning has proven itself in this field, especially when strict cleanliness specifications have to be met. Not only are our ultrasonic products of the highest quality, they also provide you with the perfect solutions for your tasks!

In the run-up to a project, we discuss the individual tasks together with you and highlight what we consider to be the most suitable options. You then decide which route you would like to take based on the alternative solutions proposed. Our in-house production of all important components means we are always flexible when it comes to realising special requests for our customers. Equipping your existing tanks with our ultrasonic transducers is one example of this.

The comprehensive expertise, specialised skills and many years of experience in the develop­ment and manufacturing of transducer systems and generators form the basis for our innova­tions, which set standards throughout the world.


Innovative multifrequency
ultrasonic concept

- Innovative multifrequency ultrasonic concept

- The "ORIGINAL": – the SONOPUSH MONO HD rod transducer

- Deburring with ultrasound



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ISO-certified quality

For continuous optimisation of business processes and products.


Heavy duty rod-style transducer

Patented rod-style transducer for high­temperature applications of up to 120°C.



Innovative plug-and-play device –
fully digital, exemplary ease-of-use.


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