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Weber Ultrasonics worldwide ))

As one of the leading technology companies for ultrasonic solutions we make full use of our opportunities for dynamic and successful further development on the international stage and are a player in the most important markets.

We provide our customers with an international sales and service network with numerous sites in Europe, Asia and the US. We see Asia as an economic area with enormous growth potential and one of our most important markets of the future. Europe is our "home market", and we are represented in North America with all our strategic business segments. Our US subsidiary also looks after our customers in South America. We supply discerning business partners virtually all over the world, providing a comprehensive range of products and services.

Use our "Weber Ultrasonics Worldwide" website and location finder in the right-hand navigation area on this page to contact the office closest to you.

Weber Ultrasonics locations and sales partners

Weber Ultrasonics locations and sales partners

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Weber Ultrasonics – Join Us on Our Journey into the Future

From the beginning of the year 2017, the Weber Ultrasonics Group in Karlsbad will constitute a merger of the currently existing companies, Weber Ultrasonics GmbH and Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH, to establish a new corporation, Weber Ultrasonics AG.



Weber Ultrasonics AG
Im Hinteracker 7
76307 Karlsbad

T +49 7248 9207-0
F +49 7248 9207-11