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Paving the way to optimum welded connections ))

The range of materials used for welding is being continuously extended, and the demands placed on systems for bonding plastics and plastic composites on a thermoplastic basis are also becoming ever more complex. Besides criteria such as the tightness and strength of the bonds, the economic and increasingly also ecological aspects of the technology employed are becoming ever more important.

Ultrasonic welding is proving to be the optimum solution here. One key advantage it offers is that its energy consumption is considerably lower than that required by other processes, most of which rely on the principle of heat.

In cooperation with the parent company, the Weber Ultrasonics Group, our subsidiary Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut develops and manufactures many different types and versions of high-grade ultrasonic welding components for the most varied of ultrasonic welding applications.

These are complemented by machines which have been designed and developed specifically for welding thermoplastic materials. Besides surface welding, our classic application fields include ultrasonic seaming, cutting, riveting, punching, drilling, milling, eroding and dispersion in the fields of nonwovens, plastics, packaging and cut & seal.

40 years of ultrasonic expertise form the basis of our international pool of competence, thus guaranteeing you practical and economical solutions.


Weber Ultrasonics – Join Us on Our Journey into the Future

From the beginning of the year 2017, the Weber Ultrasonics Group in Karlsbad will constitute a merger of the currently existing companies, Weber Ultrasonics GmbH and Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH, to establish a new corporation, Weber Ultrasonics AG.



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