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Ultrasonic expertise for future-proof
cleaning solutions ))

Ever stricter demands are being made in terms of component cleaning – today, component cleanliness is a quality criterion. Regardless of whether workpieces are produced using shaping, machining or casting processes, further processing or assembly mostly requires absolutely clean surfaces. The ultrasonic cleaning process is efficient, reliable, gentle on materials and uses minimal amounts of chemicals and energy.

Using the modular ultrasonic components of Weber Ultrasonics Surface Technology and Weber Ultrasonics America it is possible to attain the highest levels of cleanliness in relatively short cleaning times, even in the case of geometrically complicated workpieces and complex assemblies. It removes both particulate soiling, such as swarf and dust, but also films such as oils, emulsions and release agents from workpieces.

Ultrasonic cleaning enables seamless processes in metal processing, the automotive industry, electrical engineering, medical engineering, PCB manufacture and precision mechanics, to name just a few of our most important target industries.


Weber Ultrasonics – Join Us on Our Journey into the Future

From the beginning of the year 2017, the Weber Ultrasonics Group in Karlsbad will constitute a merger of the currently existing companies, Weber Ultrasonics GmbH and Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH, to establish a new corporation, Weber Ultrasonics AG.



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