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Perfect ultrasonic solutions for any application ))

"As a pioneer of ultrasonic technology we have played a key role in the development of industrial productivity in this area. And we keep setting the pace: in areas connected to new topics such as energy efficiency. This is where we will continue to play a pioneering role in the future."
Dieter Weber, founder of Weber Ultrasonics

We can only strengthen our position in new growth markets through continuous innovation at the highest level. Therefore we have made it our goal to always be the first in the market to confront new challenges with creative solutions. Four decades of expertise in the development and manufacture of high-grade ultrasonic components give us a solid foundation.

In order to further expand our core competencies and our range of services, we founded three subsidiaries between 2009 and 2010. Together with our subsidiaries, we offer you state-of-the-art ultrasonic solutions in the fields of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting and environmental technology.

We offer products and solutions that support our customers in their work. Over 2,000 customers worldwide from the most wide-ranging industrial sectors currently use our products and technology.


Weber Ultrasonics – Join Us on Our Journey into the Future

From the beginning of the year 2017, the Weber Ultrasonics Group in Karlsbad will constitute a merger of the currently existing companies, Weber Ultrasonics GmbH and Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH, to establish a new corporation, Weber Ultrasonics AG.



Weber Ultrasonics AG
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