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High frequency generator range


Weber Ultrasonics has developed the innovative 250 kHz, 500 kHz and 1 MHz ULTRASONIC MICRO CLEANING (UMC) range of ultrasonic generators for cleaning highly sensitive components and the finest of structures, as are common in the field of photovoltaics, the semiconductor industry, precision and micro optics, medical technology, microsystems and nanotechnology.

With a power output of 250 or 500 Watt and matching transducer systems, the UMC module generators provide the flexibility to tailor megasonic cleaning systems to the needs of the respective application. Stepless power output control between 10% and 100% guarantees reproducible removal of even the finest particles and film contaminations from surfaces down to the nano range without causing damage or leaving any residue.

Thanks to the latest control technology, the UMC generators achieve maximum stability of all process-relevant parameters. This ensures optimal coordination between generator and transducer, resulting in a particularly low-loss transmission of energy at a high level of efficiency. The generator can be used in combination with every compatible transducer of the same power class without the need for time-consuming adjustment procedures. A further plus of the UMC generators is their unique compact design, which is achieved using innovative high-tech components. Up to six generator modules can be integrated in a 19" housing.

Like all ultrasonic generators from Weber Ultrasonics, the UMC generator series also has a range of features at its disposal for increasing both process and operational safety, including protective functions against short-circuiting, no-load operation and excess temperature.



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